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Posted on Apr 18, 2017 in Business

Arts, Music and Fine Cuisine – The Distinctive Draw of the Design District in Miami, Florida

Buena Vista is a neighborhood in Miami, Florida comprised of mostly residential homes. However, it’s also part of the Miami scene boasting an intriguing nightlife. Beyond the allure of some of the most historic homes in the community, visitors can enjoy a variety of types of entertainment. Known as the “Design District”, it’s also a place where some noteworthy celebrities come out to shop and play. Here are three entertainment venues in Buena Vista that are hot spots for celebrity activity.

The Art Scene

When the idea of avoiding the hustle and bustle of clubs or restaurants is appealing, visitors can venture into the Swampspace and appreciate some of the finest up and coming artists in the world. Swampspace frequently has special events that draw a crowd of celebrity status who also love to indulge in fine art.

In February, they put on a fanciful afternoon of artistic expression as part of the Courtship and Confections Valentine’s Day event. A display of some of the world’s most alluring contemporary artists draws art connoisseurs like Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio is not the only high profile celebrity who loves to indulge in art, but aslo a friend of Craig Robins. The Miami Design District is one of World famous model Elle Macpherson’s favorite places to visit. She has held social events at boutiques, including a benefit for the Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade.

The Palm Court Performance Series

Miami is known for music, and 19-time Grammy award-winning producer Emilio Estefan has joined with the Miami Design District to bring some of that special music to the community. A weekly schedule of performances offers exceptional entertainment for any music lover. Attendees stand a great chance of seeing the legendary musical geniuses, as Estefan frequently attends the events. Rarely is a performance without a host of famous people and worldly dignitaries in the audience.

Nostalgic American Cuisine

There are a handful of excellent restaurants and pubs in the Buena Vista neighborhood, but none expresses the swanky nostalgic aura of the area like the Cypress Tavern. When a world-renowned chef serving up delicious cuisine, the odds are in favor of a clientele of world-renowned, people will come to savor the food.

That is what happens at the Cypress Tavern. It is one of the most highly acclaimed restaurants and taverns in all of Miami, so the probability that a famous celebrity will be sitting at one of the tables is excellent.

The Cypress Tavern is just around the corner from North 43rd and West First Avenue where it’s said that if you don’t spot a celebrity at some time during your visit, then you’re wearing blinders. Be especially on the lookout at the Cypress Tavern for President Donald Trump who has been known to pop in for a bit of American Cuisine.

The Miami Design District is a part of the Buena Vista community that’s not only a great place to mingle with all types of celebrities, but also an innovatively fashionable section of the city where visitors and celebrities can appreciate historic Miami. Visiting any of these three entertainment venues will be an enjoyable experience, and who knows which celebrity might waltz through the front door, because odds are, one will.