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Posted on Apr 1, 2014 in Cuisine

From Bobby Flay to Paula Deen: American Chef’s cook Italian Cuisine

From Bobby Flay to Paula Deen: American Chef’s cook Italian Cuisine

Everyone loves great food and when that delicious flavor can be recreated in their own kitchen it becomes even better! One of the greatest trends in cooking has become the onslaught of celebrity chefs. Cookware, china patterns, television shows, and restaurant tours have been designed around a famous chef. And in some cases celebrity chefs have been born out of these same products. The reciprocal relationship is both entertaining and useful for the public who gets to benefit from the resulting products.

Celebrity Chefs
The world has come a very long way since Julia Child’s kitchen. World class chefs and bakers are now earning more than a salary from their talents. Along with product endorsements and royalties, former incognito employees were becoming famous. This fame has certainly led to fortune for the chefs who have welcomed the business opportunities of name brand products and restaurant franchises. Emril, Wolfgang Puck, Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay and Paula Deen are some of the most recognizable names in cooking today. While these names can be viewed on satellite or other mainstream channels, nearly every local demographic has their own small town heroes on television offering up recipes in their own studio kitchen sometimes with a partner or spouse. The most successful entrepreneurs are usually known for a special dish of their own creation or by adding their own unique spin on a traditional favorite.

Specialty Dishes
Italian cooking is one of the most popular genres for television episodes and online recipe searches. The robust sauces, succulent flavors, tender meats, and fresh seafood are often imitated by American chefs. Combining fresh vegetables and a protein source with popular pasta combinations seems to come easily for professional chefs. In response to popular demands, many of the famous and reputable chefs share some of their personal Italian recipes with the public.

For example, Paula Deen dedicated several whole shows to Italian cooking from appetizers to the infamous chocolate Italian love cake. She also offers a number of quick preparation and crock-pot recipes that can be prepared in advance and cooked within one hour. Bobby Flay created a special Italian brunch theme which includes light and healthy options as well as traditional favorites like Italian home fries and rich donuts for dessert. By all counts, American chefs are honoring the time tested Italian family recipes and cooking styles through replication. Flattery is the most sincere compliment.