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Posted on Apr 1, 2014 in Cuisine

Health Benefits of Italian Cuisine

Health Benefits of Italian Cuisine

When you think of great food, Italian Cuisine is at the top of the list. Authentic Italian cuisine can bring about feelings of family, fun and festivity that makes you want to get together around a table and just enjoy each others company. Italian food not only tastes terrific it can have some great health benefits. Many of the dishes prepared use freshly made tomato sauce. Tomatoes are a good source of vitamins A, C and K. These vitamins are great for the skin and vitamin K and calcium helps to strengthen bones.

Italian food also uses a lot of garlic in their dishes. Garlic also has amazing health benefits. Garlic has been used for centuries for all sorts of ailments and continue to amaze with its numerous uses. Garlic has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties which making it great for fighting infections. Studies have shown that garlic has some cancer prevention properties and is great for keeping the immune system strong.

Italian cuisine offers numerous pasta dishes. Many of these delicious dishes are prepared with olive oil. Olive oil is another ingredient that has been widely used for its health and beauty benefits. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats. Studies have shown that consumption of olive oil provides protection against heart disease by controlling LDL levels while raising HDL levels.

Olive oil is also high in antioxidative substances. Free rsdicals that you digest from food or come in contact with through environmental factors, can be damaging to cells. The antioxidants found in olive oil can help to fight and repair some of that damage. Olive oil can also be great for the hair and skin. Antioxidants which can prevent cell damage also help fight the signs of aging.

Many Italian dishes are bursting with flavor. This flavor can come from the variety of fresh herbs that are used to season their dishes. Herbs such as oregano and basil. Both of these herbs have numerous health benefits. Oregonol has no cholesterol and is high in dietary fiber helping to control blood cholesterol levels. Oregonol also contains essential oils such as limonene, pinene, thymol, and carvocrol. Thymol has antifungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Basil provides DNA protection and anti-bacterial properties. Orentin and vicenin are two water-soluble flavonoids found in basil that studies have shown protect cell structures and chromosomes from radiation and oxygen-based damage. As you can see there are a great many reasons to enjoy Italian cuisine. While enjoying the amazing taste you can also enjoy the many health benefits as well.