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Posted on Aug 29, 2016 in Business

Li Ka-Shing Sets His Sights on Cayman Islands

A major Hong Kong based business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, Li Ka-Shing has his eyes set on new territory. He’s looking to the Cayman Islands as a potential investment destination in which he can earn his fortune. The best part about the Cayman Islands is that it offers several tax advantages which investors from around the world can benefit from as taxes are virtually nil. That’s why many multinational companies call the Cayman Islands home. In addition to offering a favorable tax environment, the Cayman Islands is also governed by UK laws so there is a strong atmosphere of stability which makes it a great environment for investors to enter the market.

Names and Businesses

Sotheby’s International has a major presence in the Cayman Islands as an international realty broker which assists outsiders in purchasing property. H.A. Bodden realty and investments is a team comprised of a real estate broker and a native Caymanian whom seek to build relationships with outside investors. F&S Real Estate Ltd. is a property specialist which services a wide range of clientele that can create a bespoke real estate package for foreign investors.

A famous US domain name investor, Frank Schilling, has a residence in the Cayman Islands; as well as the creator of the Oprah show, David Sams. Cayman’s Science Park is able to attract Biotechnology companies whom are in turn offered 100% tax exemptions, great infrastructure, top-notch data centers, fast setup of operations, and 5 year work visas granted in 5 days.

There are a number of advantages to doing business in the Cayman Islands as the tiny nation offers plenty of great incentives. The Science Park’s representatives frequently travel to faraway places such as Boston in order to attract the top biotechnology companies to the region. Those who come to the Cayman Islands can count on total offshore ownership of IP as well as no taxes. These advantages mean plenty for business, and the government also makes it very easy to bring in qualified and talented people from around the world to conduct research activities. It’s a simple proposition to move to the Cayman Islands if you’re a qualified and talented individual, and the lifestyle alone makes it worthwhile for overseas investors to live in the area to enjoy all of the benefits which come with residency in a tropical destination.