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Posted on Apr 1, 2014 in Fashion

Luxottica and Google to Work Together for Fancy Glass

Luxottica and Google to Work Together for Fancy Glass

Google Inc. has gained a commanding ally in the form of Italian giant Luxottica. Together, they will make the Google Glass cooler than ever. Luxottica Group SpA is the company behind two of the most famous brands in eyewear for the last decades, Ray-Ban and Oakley. The two influential names, Google and Luxottica, have come to an agreement that they will create, design, and distribute Google’s new versions of web-connected glasses.

New Use of Glasses

The partnership is viewed by many observers as a sign that Google is very much interested in the eyewear industry and thus, may plan to give intense focus on the Google Glass product. According to Andrea Guerra, the chief executive officer of the Italian company, Luxottica believes that Google has opened up a whole new opportunity for the consumers when it comes to the use of glasses. Guerra also stated that they have been working closely together with Google since last year.

How Luxottica Can Help Google

Luxottica is a top and trusted company when it comes to eyewear. With its assistance, Google will be able to come up with good style that will attract more customers to purchase the glasses. Google has not yet influenced a good number of people to start wearing the glasses. This is why the tech giant hopes that a more fashionable piece would compel the consumers to go and get the product.

Since not everyone is ready to wear “computers” on their faces, Google looks to Luxottica to solve the fashion side of the problem. For many years now, Ray-Ban and Oakley have been known as the brands that people look forward to wearing. No matter what the item is, if it bears the name of either brand, there is instant attraction. This is what Google hopes to achieve with the new versions of their eyewear.

The new Glass collection will soon hit the markets, but not until next year. With the announcement of the partnership, the already-wealthy Luxottica founder Leonardo Del Vecchio has seen an upsurge in his fortune. Whether or not the Italian company benefited more in this deal, it is clear that wearable technology will stay and will definitely be a part of the future.

From Geeky to Glamorous

When the glasses first came out, it was obvious that functionality was the heart of the product. With the strategic collaboration between Google and Luxottica, fashion will come into the picture. Therefore, the nerdy glasses will soon present a new variety of eyewear from Google.