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Posted on Oct 27, 2016 in Business

New Restaurant Concept in Montana

Some people might prefer routine and consistency, while other people like to be surprised. This can be said in a variety of settings including meals. There are restaurants that are predictable, and serve the same thing every single day year round and then there are restaurants like Ox Pasture, that like to keep their customers coming back see just what the staff will come up with next. Having a rotating menu, inspired by an idea from David Leuschen and his wife, can be exciting in that there is always something new being featured for the customers to experience.

It takes a very talented staff to keep restaurants like this going in that the menu changes daily and the management and the cooks are always having to come up with new ideas and their goal is to never have the same recipe repeated twice, so they are constantly creating new recipes to showcase to their guests who keep coming back just to see what they will come up with next. The idea is, if you come once and the food is delicious, it will undoubtedly be delicious the next time no matter what they are serving on their menu.

Say for example, you like a specific meat. When you go to Ox Pasture, you might get to experience that specific meat, but it will never be the same twice. They might use the same fresh ingredients in their recipes, but a good chef is constantly trying to perfect his or her creations to attract more and more people to come and experience what they have to offer.

These types of restaurants can be found in most cities in Montana and are becoming more and more popular because of the amazing fresh produce that can be found from fresh trout, to fresh vegetables, to fresh picked huckleberries when they are in season.