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Posted on Apr 26, 2017 in Travel

Organizations That Help In India

India is a country of great riches, and great poverty as well. People don’t often realize how some of the impoverished in the country have it. They are dealing with extremes that are not only financially problematic, but they are dealing with lack of food, lack of shelter, job opportunities, and weather issues. There are a few organizations that help people in India that offer a variety of different solutions. The following are just 3 of the more prominent organizations that are helping people in India today.

Heart For India Foundation

The first major organization helping India is Heart For India Foundation. This is an organization that is helping the future of the country through education. They are helping impoverished individuals as early as 3 years old get access to education, healthcare and security. The individuals helped by this foundation not only get a diploma, they are given aid to find positive jobs, to further their development. They empower youth and young women for the future, through a focus on education.

Save The Children

Another great organization that is helping the impoverished in India is Save The Children. This organization has been working to help with children. They focus on helping with medical care first, assisting with diseases that are treatable and infections that can be cured fast. They also provide assistance to children that are forced into labor, and give education, nutrition, and housing as well. With a focus on health, education, and community, Save The Children aims to assist children that are often forgotten amidst the population and technology densities of larger cities in India.

Islamic Relief USA

One of the strongest and most compelling organizations that are helping India is Islamic Relief USA. This organization has been focused on helping India since 1994. They have established themselves as a premier organization to help children and impoverished communities of all backgrounds. They focus on nutrition, healthcare, an education and have been doing so with great success. They have taken to heart the needs of the people, and continue to grow with humanitarian aid, volunteer programs, education, and more importantly, nutritional aid. They continue to work with local communities around India’s most poverty-stricken areas, and specifically focus on children and young people that are lost in the shuffle by the population density.

The above are just 3 major organizations that are currently working in Indian to help impoverished families. Giving education, food, shelter, and much more, these organizations are continually giving back to those in dire need in India.