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Posted on Jun 26, 2017 in Travel

Organizations that help in Lebanon

Organizations that help in Lebanon

Could NGOs be the last hope?

THE nation state suffers in the Middle East. Regime change has proven to be useless, yet Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) may prove to be effective. Lebanon, like many other countries in the region, has experienced conflict. From 1975 to 2005, the Lebanese Civil War occurred, involving a military occupation by Syrian forces.
In 2000, Israeli forces fighting the Syrians withdrew. By 2005, Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was killed in car bomb; likely caused by Syrian insurgents. Complete Syrian withdrawal occurred after a UNSC resolution called for an investigation. After a brief period of peace, Hezbollah; a Lebanese militant group, began attacks. This led to another Israeli invasion. Lebanese tribunals failed to stop the issue, and violence erupted. Lebanon was strained further; as the Syrian Civil War increased refugees into the region. It is likely that the use of these NGO’s could provide solutions that military action can not.

Islamic Relief of Lebanon

Islamic Relief has been involved in Lebanon for the last twenty five years. It strays from the promotion of democracy; instead focusing on
• Rebuilding infrastructure
• Medical aid
• Sustainable water
This NGO is not only the largest evaluator in the Middle East, but it also is a signatory of the Red Cross and has given outreach to regions with little support.

INJA2 Lebanon

Is an organization that has a unique method of providing aid. This NGO recognizes that children can be the most afflicted, and works to inspire youth to strive for financial growth. Through education and connecting children to business professionals; the organization works on “building bridges between educational institutions and the business sector.” Since 2001, over sixty thousand youth have participated in the program. Voiceless children have been given the opportunity to learn of cooperation.

KAFA (Enough) Violence and Exploitation

This third organization provides help to another underrepresented victim of conflict, describing itself as “a feminist, secular, Lebanese, non profit.” Looking to fight the patriarchal order that is present in Lebanon, it focuses on:
• Domestic violence
• Policy towards women
• Trafficking
• Advocating for legal reform
This program offers:
• Safety shelters
• Legal consultations
• Counseling services
Women can be left out of Lebanese society. This organization could make a difference.

Change will likely come from within, but only if NGOs move from promoting democracy, and provide aid to those that have none. Grassroots change will affect the new generations, but the method must change.